Our resident environmentalist Blake Dyason is always on a mission to make the world around us a better place. Last year alone, he successfully organized multiple city cleanups. Three years ago Blake started a movement called Love Our Trails, which focuses on educating trail users about what it means to care for our trails and environment. This initiative saw him jetting off to Japan where he was part of 16 Next Generation Trail Visionaries from 12 countries on a seven-day trail experience.

So it was no surprise when he brought to our attention the #MakeItRain initiative by King Price Insurance. In light of the current water crisis in Cape Town, the campaign is aimed at alleviating the drought one dance video at a time.

You are probably thinking “huh? What?”, well for every dance video (roughly 10 seconds) submitted to King Price’s social media, 5L of water will be donated to the city of Cape Town courtesy of the Insurance company. 

Leave it up to Blake to find a fun way to positively contribute towards a national crisis.

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Credit to CNCO our new favourite latin boyband. It’s in the name 😉