Credit to Kylie-Anne Bowers for the header snap

Kurt, Allan and Josh – the A Team

Did it really rain last weekend? The Madsters of #Team18 didn’t seem to think so! Over the weekend Kurt, Allan and I, along with the majority of the MAD2Run team for 2018, were back at it, hosting mates for a jol and raising funds for the MAD Leadership Foundation.

There were a few tender heads first thing in the morning after Friday night’s festivities (it is year-end time, so it was to be expected). After a midday gin and tonic from the “OriGINal & Tonic” crew we were back to our usual selves and the festivities followed suit!

Yes, the weather didn’t play ball (freezing temperatures in November, global warming?) but I guess it also rains in the tropics, right? At the start of the day, the outlook for the bowls looked gloomy and we weren’t sure if we were going to get the competition going. Luckily the rain gods were on our side. Bowls kicked off at 4pm and beer pong kept the spirits high!

We certainly made the most of day though. A big thank you to all who spent the afternoon with us, or simply dropped in to say hello.

A MASSIVE shout out and thank you to the brands and people who supported us on the day…

  • OriGINal & Tonic”, give them a shout for your December road trips
  • Big Red Cups, thanks Murray Charter and Justin Croxton, these truly are “The original red American party cup, perfect for any social event!”
  • Copper Lake, the beer pong tables provided the perfect finishing touch. Next time you’re near Broadacres Shopping Centre, drop in. The bar is legendary!
  • Matt Gibb from SAB, the Black Label bottles were something to behold and we look forward to seeing them on the selves soon! (Allan and us owe you a drink.)
  •, not only a power online trading platform, but one that knows how important relationships are. Thank you for your contribution and for allowing Kurt and me to take some time off next year to run to Cape Town with the MAD2Run crew! Oh and by the way they just launched a new trading platform #MT5. Check it out on’s new blog!

Next up for the MAD2Run team is the #Booze2Run event, hosted by EasyEquities and Born2Run AC. Wednesday, 6 December is the day. It all kicks off at Higher Ground on the St Stithians campus. We will then make our way to six pubs along the route. Everyone is welcome. Entry costs R150 and entitles you to a drink at each stop. Follow this link to book your spot.