Purple Group’s Josh Nuttall will be participating in the MAD2Run fundraising event in 2018, along with CN&CO’s Kurt Solomon and Allan Bader. The trio will be one of the teams running relay-style to Cape Town from Johannesburg before participating in the Two Oceans half-marathon on Easter Sunday. The fundraising (for the MAD Leadership Foundation) kicked off in earnest this past weekend. Josh tells us more…

Traditionally November is a busy month, with year-end functions starting and the final push before the December break. Remember to take a step back, have fun and regain your perspective.

MAD2Run has a few functions up its own sleeves. Be sure to diarise Saturday 25 November, when a Tropical Summer Party awaits along with a bowls-slash-beer pong competition.

While Kurt and Allan were fulfilling wedding duties in Hermanus and Dublin respectively this past weekend, I was the sole representative from our team at the first event of MAD2Run #Team18’s fundraising drive. It was called #JustJol, and it took place in the Krone Gardens, Bedfordview, to raise funds for the MAD Leadership Foundation as part of #Team18’s contribution to the great work this charity does.

#JustJol was conceptualised by David, Caz and Tebogo, three team mates and fellow MADsters for the 2018 journey. A massive thanks to them and to everyone who played a role in making the day a success! It was both humbling and amazing for me to see how everyone contributed, from the Rockstar DJs who drew the crowds to mates who rocked up and made the effort to share the event on their social media pages.

Next up is the MAD Tropical Summer Party, formerly known as Bowls Day, at the Dunkeld Bowls Club. This year there are few interesting additions! Head over to the event page to find out more, or drop me, Kurt or Allan a message and we will get back to you. The three of us will be making a strong appearance on 25 November and will definitely make a highly credible move on the best-dressed title!