Apart from the work we do with our awesome clients and partners, CN&CO is also involved in a number of projects and organisations that make a big difference in the lives of many people. One of these is MAD2Aventures.

With 4 past runners from our crew having completed the run of MAD2Adventures in 2016 and 2018 we are looking forward to supporting our friend Justin Pearse from our partner EasyEquities on his upcoming MAD2Adventures journey. Follow Justin’s social media channels as the 2019 team get their journey underway on Friday 12 April.

Last night we joined the MAD2Adventures community, at their annual comedy evening hosted by Mum-z, one of South African’s resident comedians. He had the audience in stitches with his jokes and facilitated the auction at the end of the evening were roughly sixty-five thousand rand was raised as part of this year’s MAD2Adventures donation to the MAD Leadership foundation.

In addition to our crazy running expeditions, a few of the CN&CO team also enjoy dabbling in art collection. Both Rob and Josh jumped at the opportunity when two unique art pieces from renowned South African artists, Falk One Graffiti and Richard Scott were on offer during the auction.

We enjoyed catching up with the MAD community and contributing to this year fundraising initiative. In case you were wondering how, what and when our involvement in the MAD2Adventures initiative came about, here’s a quick recap.

MAD2Adventures is an incredible 7-day 24-hour relay-style journey from Johannesburg to Cape Town covering +/- 1520km in total, all in support of Make A Difference (MAD) Leadership Foundation. The foundation provides a comprehensive, personal and long-term scholarship programme, offering scholars support in the areas of mentorship and personal, academic and leadership development. 

Rob was the first of our crew to embark on this crazy journey across the country in 2016. Fast Forward 2 years, and the bug had bitten Allan, Josh and Kurt. They submitted their application to be part of MAD2Run 2018 (Phat to Fit) and we were selected, along with 33 other MADsters, to take on the challenge of running from Joburg to Cape Town (+/- 1500km) in a 7-day 24-hour relay.

The MAD2Run, now MAD2Adventures, initiative began several years in 2012.  Shaun Raaff, one of the founder-members of MAD2Adventures, decided that it was time to be proactive and make a positive contribution to South Africa. After watching an inspirational talk given by Braam Malherbe (who ran across the great wall of China in aid of the charity Miles for Smiles). He got home, rather emotional, and immediately sent out an email to all of his friends and invited them around for an “emergency braai”. He was able to convince his close friends that they needed to do something meaningful in their lives. The maddest suggestion – let’s run to Cape Town!

That idea led to Shaun in to developing the concept of a an ultra-distance relay. “We decided to raise money in the build-up to the event and donate it to the Make A Difference Leadership Foundation (MAD) started by SA rugby legend Francois Pienaar”, says Shaun.

You can donate to the MAD leadership foundation here, or contact Dayle Raaff directly. If you are interested in taking on your own MAD2Advnetures journey watch this video.