We could try to grab your attention with an alarming statistic… but we need to STOP READING statistics and START CHANGING them!

This is why CN&CO has chosen to partner with Love Justice, a non-governmental organisation that fights against human trafficking – both nationally and internationally.

Love Justice attacks trafficking while it’s happening and BEFORE women, men and children have been exploited or enslaved.

To date, Love Justice International has 30 transit monitoring stations located where trafficking is known to take place. At these stations, Love Justice staff are highly trained to notice signs of trafficking. Should something come to their attention, they stop the suspected victim for an interview to determine if trafficking is occurring. If the staff identify a red flag, they continue their questioning with the suspected victim.

If additional red flags arise, Love Justice staff take action by contacting the victim’s family, questioning other relevant people involved and, if the situation warrants it, contacting the police to continue further investigations. When possible, a legal case is filed against the trafficker. Love Justice staff also ensure that the victims are returned home safely.







CN&CO was recently invited to a Love Justice “thank you” breakfast held at Glenshiel in Johannesburg. The team shared some of the cases they had worked on and mentioned the progress they have made throughout Africa

“Even though trafficking stories can be shocking, the prevalence is undeniable, since our team at Love Justice comes across a case about every second day. It is easy for these victims who are often invisible, to disappear further into the noise of everything else that is happening in South African society, from politics to poverty to violence and robberies at Global Citizen. None of these events is less or more important than addressing trafficking, but both Love Justice and the media need to ensure that these victims are not overlooked or forgotten in the crazy, ever moving society we live in. In a continent with drastically high levels of unemployment and inequality, there are just so many vulnerable people who can be tricked into slavery through the promises of a better life” says Love Justice member Kirsten Hornby.

Help assist Love Justice in its attempts to put a stop to the enslavement and exploitation of innocent human beings. Buy Love Justice speciality coffee on their website or make a donation at www.lovejusticesa.ngo.

You can also follow Love Justice on Instagram and Facebook.