Physical violence forms a large part of human trafficking. If self-defense techniques were broadly taught in society, potential victims may have the ability to better protect themselves.

Self-defence classes should be incorporated into the school curriculum as part of Life Orientation or Physical Education. Companies and organisations should also offer their employees the option of partaking in a self-defence class. In addition to teaching physical defense techniques, self-defence classes help to improve self-esteem, overcome anxiety, and increase alertness.

One organization implementing this is Love Justice. I was invited to join the Love Justice team for an introductory self-defence class held by Boyd Allen and Craig Toontas at the Apex Gym in Sandton.

We were taught the basics self-defence including basic boxing and attacking skills. The class was first introduced to an example of a scenario where an attacker approaches a victim. 

Following this we were taught how to defend ourselves in a situation where the attacker approaches the victim with a blunt object (we used swimming pool noodles as our blunt objects). 

We were also taught how to escape after being wrestled to the ground. It took time to perfect these moves but in the end everyone looked strong, confident and capable.

It is important to know the basics of self-defence. Many people have absolutely no idea or experience on how to defend themselves. Boyd, applauds the initiative taken by Love Justice in providing their team with another tool to help combat human trafficking.

Thank you Boyd and Craig from the Apex Gym for putting the session together. Thank you also to our partner, Love Justice, for hosting this self-defence class.

If you would like to arrange an introductory or advanced self-defence class, please contact;

Craig Toontas 082 922 7052

Boyd Allen 082 595 4946