Love Justice is a NGO fighting against human trafficking in South Africa. CN&CO is extremely proud to have Love Justice as a partner. It is vital that we spread awareness of this horrific crime and aim to save and protect as many individuals as we can.

On Friday morning Nikki Still and I arrived at St Mary’s School Waverley. Due to the fact that we are Old Girls, it was a ‘blast from the past’ for us both.

We received a warm welcome from the Deputy Headmistress, Ros Howell, as well as by Deanne King, the Headmistress of St Mary’s School.

At 7:15am Nikki and I found ourselves setting up for the presentation in the all-too-familiar hall. As the girls began piling in for assembly, both Nikki and I relaxed into the vibrant Friday-morning buzz.




As I stood on stage, I felt an immense sense of pride. I figured there were three reasons for this:

  1. I stood at the Headmistress’s stand on stage (something that I had never done before!).
  2. More seriously, I was standing in front of Grade 8 to Matric girls and telling them about how I am a part-time employee at CN&CO.
  3. Thirdly, that I could welcome Nikki Still, the Executive Founder of Love Justice South Africa and one of CN&COs partners.

The aim of the presentation was to make the girls aware that human trafficking is a reality. Nikki spoke of the different types of human trafficking such as trafficking for human organs, hard labour and prostitution. There is no easy way to escape from any of these situations.

The girls learnt to be wary of situations and offerings such as fake modelling contracts, jobs that pay an exceptionally high salary, fake soccer contracts, online lovers etc. Social Media has made it so easy for criminals to hide behind fake profiles and lure both adults and children into situations which could be dire.

Towards the end of the presentation, Nikki played one of the Love Justice videos: “Rescued: The Moment Between Freedom or Slavery”; available at

The girls were able to see the Red Flags that Love Justice staff look out for at their transit monitoring stations as well as how the staff approach a potential victim and bring them to safety.

You can help too by donating funds or buying Love Justice speciality coffee on their website:

Every little bit counts!