The diversity of our clients and partners has always been something that we love at CN&CO. The dynamic of it all proves to add immense value, not just to CN&CO, but to our personal lives too. We are proud to say that by working with Love Justice, we are positively impacting the lives of others while simultaneously assisting Love Justice in making this world a better place by fighting against human trafficking. 

Love Justice uses a technique called interception. This is proving to be the most effective technique in stopping human trafficking before it has happened and while it is happening.

The stations built or locations used by Love Justice are strategically placed in areas where human trafficking occurs. The more stations built, the more effective the fight against human trafficking will be and the greater the number of lives that will be saved from this injustice. This is the reason that Love Justice is holding its first auction tonight, 29 March 2019.

The auction will take place at Ferguson’s 5thfloor – the perfect venue for sundowners. 

Included in the auction are:

A documentary photograph taken by ITOO Artinsure’s Gordon Massie. The photograph displays an ancient ruin of Great Zimbabwe in the context of a contemporary Zimbabwe.

A Pablo Clark Racing Ferrari experience – a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The experience includes coaching on how to drive a Ferrari, doing laps with a pro instructor, as well as a series of hot laps in the passenger seat with a pro driver behind the wheel, in a racing Ferrari.

These are just two of the items on auction. 

You don’t want to miss out on this beautiful evening, knowing at the same time that you are making a contribution to Love Justice and making this world a better place.

Tickets can be bought on the following site:

For more information, visit:

Love Justice

Gordon Massie

ITOO Artinsure

Pablo Clark Racing