Proptech is an industry that is expanding rapidly and is being adopted globally. It is being deemed the future of real estate…

Proptech, Property technology in full, encompasses the application of information technology and platform economics to real estate markets. It is forcing us to look at property ownership differently and offering access to this asset class that may previously have been out of reach of some investors.

EasyEquities is one of the founding partners of CN&CO. Over the years we have witnessed them launch fascinating, innovating and market first offerings, all seeking to drive the democratisation of share ownership and provide access to investing.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that they have been working on a solution to bring easy property ownership to South Africans.

The EasyProperties investment platform enables investors to treat their property investments more like stock portfolios, focusing on asset allocation, rather than dealing with the hassles of property management.

So exactly what is EasyProperties?

Whether you’re new to property investing or a seasoned pro, our goal is to simplify your investment process through fractional property investments, offering investors the chance to start small while thinking big.

This is made possible through fractional property investment, a method which allows people to invest in real property in the same way that the share market allows them to invest in listed companies.

Fractional property investing will also allow first home buyers to get exposure to property much earlier in their quest to own a home, and the entire process is streamlined through our tech-friendly, online property investment platform.

Learn more about how it works and how through the platform you are able to own a fraction of the listed properties by visiting the EasyProperties website.

Investing in property has never been this easy, accessible and rewarding. Sign up for early access to the platform here.