“Indiegogo.” If you’re new to this really cool concept, here it is in a nutshell: Indiegogo empowers people to activate the global community to make ideas happen. Then, they help you spread the word.

What Easy Equities is to investing, Indiegogo is to fundraising: easy, awesome, and empowering.

The Indiegogo process is simple:

  1. Start a campaign
  2. Activate your community
  3. Fund your dream

Piece of cake.

People around the world are taking to Indiegogo to crowdfund their ideas, innovations and dreams – be it bands looking to raise funds to record their next album, or inventors with an extraordinary vision needing funds to get their “big idea” off the ground. You can start your own campaign and get people donating toward your goal; or, if you’re in the mood for giving, you can browse the various Indiegogo campaigns based on category or location, and contribute toward making someone else’s Indiegogo dream a reality! There are some great local and international crowdfunding campaigns being run via the platform and are worth the support.

The latest campaign to come out of South Africa is one we are really proud to be supporting – the Indiegogo campaign for Radio Kalahari. Dan Roberts, first and foremost hubby to Ann Roberts (who is a good friend of ours at CN&CO, is part of Purple Group’s “Investa” team, and is the driver behind getting free wifi set up across Tshwane); and then music producer, photographer, and commercials and music video producer, has, as he puts it: “taken the brave/foolhardy/noble/reckless course of looking to democratically fund the next Radio Kalahari Orkes Album, Die Groot Onderstebo, through Crowdfunding with Indiegogo.” Brilliant!

Dan notes that the reason for taking to crowdfunding this is to “buy our independence and own our product, enabling us to continue on our mission to make the music we feel moved to make, fuelled by the fans who have shown so much passion for what we love to do.”

Radio Kalahari was founded on South African roots music in all its variety in this most indigenous of languages, Afrikaans. “The simple ingredients of a few chords, a good tune played with passion on real instruments, words that hang in the mind long after the music has died has proved the test of time – it rings true, it endures beyond fashion, and its echoes sustain us. Its music with its feet firmly planted in this soil. Our mission has always been to make people dance, laugh or cry, anyone who has seen the band live will understand this; it’s a great entertainment.” Love it.

In the 60’s, Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase “the global village” which is now used to describe the world that has been “shrunk” by modern advances in communications. McLuhan likened the vast network of communications systems to one extended central nervous system, ultimately linking everyone in the world. It’s mind blowing to think of the impact the advancement of technology and the internet has had on the global village, particularly in this instance. A guy like Dan, in South Africa, equipped with the internet and an idea, can share his vision with the world, and have people across seven continents getting behind him to crowdfund his goal via Indiegogo. Amazing, isn’t it?

If you’re keen to get behind the cause and contribute toward Radio Kalahari’s Indiegogo campaign, head on over to this link and get involved.