As a South African I personally have a small case of Bad News Fatigue (BNF). Pick up the latest newspaper, glance at the daily headlines strapped to each street post, the cover of the latest Economist, Carte Blanche, hell, even our glorious BlitzBokke’s rugby jersey made me flinch over the weekend. Steinhoff, 16 Day Campaign, matric results, road death toll, violence against women. I am not going to go on, and I could, so it is a little email that arrived in my inbox on Friday afternoon that made me really happy and that I am going to share it today.

Our friends at Bokamoso prove that there is always room to do more, and there is reason to be happy in spite of BNF. Here is a letter from the CEO of Bokamoso to the donors of one of the kids whose education they sponsor. Thanks for the good news Cath and keep doing what you are doing!

Dear Brandon’s donors

We are ecstatic! At the end of last term, we were told by Parktown Boys that Brandon will not make it through the year. His Maths mark was ranging between 22 and 27% for the year. With a fail in Maths, he wouldn’t be able to pass.

We managed to raise some funds for some extra Maths lessons with a top extra Maths teacher. He attended lessons every day in the holidays and every Saturday leading up to his exam. He has passed Maths… wait for this… with 63%!!!! We are waiting for his report, but just so incredibly proud of this young man. One of our donors has also been writing to him regularly, to which he has been replying with written letters. He has said this has been a huge encouragement too.

We are in awe of the potential of our children when given the right support and help. He has shot the lights out.

Report to follow.

Kind regards

Cathrine Du Toit