Data collection is an integral part of any industry as it helps in analysis and evaluation of both past and present trends as well as prediction of  future trends. Majority of banks and estate agents need data in order to function;  CN&Co friends over at Lightstone provide comprehensive data relating to property, automotive and business assets in South Africa.

In the latest report Lightstone outlines residential property indices that may be useful to anyone interested in buying or selling property.

Below is a snippet of the residential property indices report.


As at the end of August 2017 the national house price inflation index was at 4.1 %.

The market has since stabilized in the 3%-7% range following a slowdown over recent months as shown by the provincial indices. Although this is true for most of them, we have on the one hand the North-West province which is still recovering and showing some optimism, and a buoyantly growing Northern Cape index on the other currently at 22.4%.

Read the detailed report here