When we first shared with you that our partner, the Ndlovu Youth Choir, was auditioning for America’s Got Talent (AGT) in March we could barely contain our excitement. Fast forward a couple of months and they are performing in the grand finale of AGT.

Their journey from Limpopo to Los Angeles is one which has shown us all the power of a dream.

“If you can dream it you can do it”

The Ndlovu Youth Choir has profoundly affected the lives of the choristers and demonstrates the potential of any human being to achieve excellence, no matter their background, education or place of birth.

Their AGT finale performance lifted the roof off the Dolby Theatre. Simon Cowell referred to the choir’s performance as “The BEST Ending To Finals EVER!”

The Ndlovu Youth Choir have had a phenomenal 2019 so far and the journey for them really is just getting started. The support that they have received from not only South Africa but from all around the world has been remarkable.

Their journey continues to excite, unite and energise South Africa and the world. Their America’s Got Talent achievement has showcased their talent on one of the biggest talent stages in the world, and has South Africa’s bursting with pride.

The choir is part of the Ndlovu Care Group’s globally acclaimed Child Care & Youth Development Programme. The Ndlovu Care Group’s vision is “Creating healthy, responsible and self-sustaining communities in rural South Africa”.

The choir aims to ensure that a child from a disadvantaged community can enjoy the same level of musical tuition, care and opportunities as a child from a more affluent society. The choir creates a place of comfort and care – nurturing values such as self-discipline, self-confidence, tolerance, respect and leadership in our choristers.

AGT voters can vote up to ten times with each voting method, so if you have friends or families in the US of A please ask them to VOTE. As South African’s we aren’t eligible to vote for our favourite AGT act, but we can support them by sharing the love and helping the Ndlovu Youth Choir end their incredible AGT journey on a high!

Vote now: https://agtvote.votenow.nbc.com/