Fresh off making history as one of two South Africa women to be selected to ride in the Dakar Rally, Taye Perry is chasing yet another dream and here’s how you can help her.

We came to know of Taye’s achievement through our association with Shredbettys, an action sport organisation that caters specifically for women

“ShredBetty Events gives sportswomen the chance to connect, to learn, and be showcased at exciting board and lifestyle events for Moto X, Enduro, snowboarding, sand-boarding, surfing, wake-boarding, flow-boarding, mountain-biking and BMX, among other sports,” says ShredBettys co-founder, Nicole Salt.

Taye has been racing professionally for over a decade in South Africa, and has won multiple MSA off-road and cross-country titles. The 28 year old, who is only 158cm tall, isn’t letting her height hold her back from chasing this big dream.

She almost broke the Internet during the Dakar Rally 2020 in Saudi Arabia where she caught the World’s attention, hearts and imagination after a nightmare 18 hour Stage 11 and in doing so, Taye inspired young and old, women and men alike, to nevergive up. You can read the full story of event that transpired on her GoFundMe page here.

Having read Taye’s recap of stage 11 of the Dakar and watched the videos of her arrival at the end of the stage, you realise the true grit and humility that she has. Taye is not only a lovely human being but is also a remarkable athlete who competed in the Dakar Rally 2020 as a Privateer. 

Having taken everything that the Dakar Rally could hurl at her, the ever-smiling, always-bubbly Taye has set her a dream of competing in both International and local Cross Country Rally’s as she prepares for Dakar 2021 again, as a Privateer. She cannot do this without your help.

So head over to her GoFundMe page and let’s help Taye reach her dream!