I found this article via my dear friend Joan Middleton, a varsity mate (we did our Honours in English together) who fully understands my frustrations with the world Trump and people like him promote. She, in turn, found the article via legendary journalist Cristiane Amanpour. I thought it would be useful to promote it via the CN&CO network as we are all about people, relationships, debate, listening and making the world a better place.

The article, written by Amanda Ripley for the Solutions Journalism Network, has sound advice for us in these times when I think some of us are withdrawing more and more into our laager mentalities, rather than being inclusive and embracing “the other”. Perhaps this seems a long read – but hey, if we can’t spend the time reading a bit, we can’t improve and grow. If you really can’t, here’s the main takeout:

“The lesson for journalists (or anyone) working amidst intractable conflict: complicate the narrative. First, complexity leads to a fuller, more accurate story. Secondly, it boosts the odds that your work will matter — particularly if it is about a polarizing issue. When people encounter complexity, they become more curious and less closed off to new information. They listen, in other words.”

Thanks Joanie and here’s to our world being more complex, more inclusive and more diverse.

Read the full article: Complicating the narratives