Travelling is one of the life’s greatest joys. As you pack your bags to take a break from your everyday routine, before you realize it you’re already evolving. Club Med has been creating quite a buzz in the media for their unrivaled travel value and unforgettable, hassle free holidays. This is no surprise because Club Med’s all-inclusive concept is the smart choice and best value for money, offering a variety of options for all-inclusive sun and snow holidays.  

I am particularly excited about our upcoming trip to Club Med Bintan. Having returned home just over a year ago from my travels to North Carolina and California, I can definitely feel the wanderlust starting to kick in and my feet becoming itchy. With that said, I am eager to dust off my passport which has unfortunately not seen the light of day since I’ve returned. The great part about this particular trip is that all is taken care of as per Club Med’s standards; all I have to do is pack my bag, and perhaps check that my passport is still valid 🙂

Trailblazers in all-inclusive holiday packages, Club Med has been offering customers and families a truly hedonistic and hassle-free experience at every one of their (over 70) resorts since the 50s. With the ever changing travel trends, Club Med has a destination for all travel types and interests.

Here’s the latest news from Club Med:

Destinations  to holiday in May:

With the December holidays firmly behind us, you might already be dreaming of your next escape. March and April are riddled with public holidays for South Africans, making it the obvious choice for when next to take time off – but why not consider holidaying in May or June?

Turkish delight: all you need to know about Turkey

Travel trends are forever evolving; travelers are more attracted to visiting destinations that were previously less explored. With over-tourism in certain areas on the rise, many travelers are opting for the road less traveled, or rather, less mainstream, but which offer major city attractions and beauty. Turkey is the embodiment of such a destination.

Magical Maldives – not just for honeymooners! Make it a family affair:


The Maldives is largely regarded as a honeymooners paradise. And while that is still most certainly true, the destination is starting to become an ideal holiday destination for families…

Club Med appoints Nathan Stubbs:

Nathan Stubbs has teamed up with Club Med’s Southern Africa team to head up its sales, transport and customer care team in the region. Stubbs will be responsible for driving growth and sales in the SA market, educating clients about the Club Med brand and the value of their holidays, enriching the client experience, and ensuring that customer service in SA matches the client experience at Club Med resorts.

Club Med has got your “bag” – literally! All you have to do is contact them to book your trip, and make it to the airport on time!

Visit the Club Med website to check out more of their amazing packages.