We need your help.

TED provides a platform to share ideas, encourage action, think differently and drive change. I was first made away of the Countdown initiative when Carel shared it with me while he was attending this year’s TED Women event in Palm Springs.

Sustainability is something that I am passionate about and strongly believe that by shifting the way that we think we can build a better future. One that is more conscious, tolerant, and mindful of the decisions that we make. We can learn a lot from the way nature’s systems operate and how they use the resources at their disposal.

The Countdown has brought together leading minds, young and old, in an attempt to develop a net zero greenhouse emission world by 2050. An achievable target, but one that requires us to work together to achieve it.

Picture from the official TED Countdown website

On October 10, 2020, in partnership with the amazing worldwide network of TEDx organisers, the TED community are encouraging us to gather in cities, companies, schools and communities around the globe to share a bold and unified response to the five big questions.

Collectively we can kick-start the action the world so urgently needs.

To find out more, sign up and you’ll get updates about how you can get involved locally, and how you can help ignite change at work and at home.

Step 1) Join the countdown

Sign up to get started. It will only take one minute. Over the next few weeks, you’ll get updates on how to join neighbours, co-workers, classmates.

Step 2) Get informed

This issue is complicated, so we must educate ourselves to make informed decisions on how to act. Check out our starter kit of resources; reading material, videos and animations. The more we all understand the issues, the more effective actions we can take.

 Step 3) Spread the word

There’s strength in numbers. The more people take action, the bigger difference we can make. Check out Countdown on social media or one of the promo images below, and share with #JoinTheCountdown

It’s time to stand up and stand together.

Together, as a collective, we can solve the climate crisis.  

“Together we are a force”