Who would have thought that this small plant could be so powerful, I guess dynamite does some in small packages after all!

Spekboom or Portulacaria Afra  is an incredible plant found in South Africa. It is also known as elephant bush, dwarf jade plant, and porkbush. It is a small-leaved succulent that is a phenomenal CO2 sponge, which means that it will play a key role in helping us navigate solutions to combat climate change. Spekboom is also a highly water-wise plant, needing up to half the water of other plants to survive, meaning it’s not only easy to grow but also easy for those living in areas suffering from droughts or water shortages to care for.

South Africans are encouraging each other to join the Spekboom Challenge. In celebration of the new decade and in support of the challenge, Brownie Points listed a project in support of the #Spekboomchallenge. You can registered to support the project here.

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So, how about a challenge for 2020? Let’s start planting Spekboom as part of the #SpekboomChallenge and tackling climate change together.

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