Lion’s Head has become a popular destination point for tourists from all over the world. Some even have a hike up the iconic peak on their bucket lists! For locals, it’s a great spot for hiking and trail running, offering spectacular views of Cape Town all the way up.

Lion’s Head is listed as one of National Geographic’s top 10 short hikes in the world. But what are we doing to ensure that these trails stay safe, clean and accessible?

Love Our Trails, co-founded by CN&CO’s Blake Dyason, is an organisation that aims to educate people on trail etiquette and what it means to care for our trails.

“All trail users have a responsibility to ensure the sustainability of our environment,” says Blake. “Some trail users can be inconsiderate – or just plain lazy – and drop litter all over the place. Cigarette butts, empty water bottles, crisp packets… our trails are littered with a host of very unfriendly items that people leave behind. This is not only unsightly, but also potentially very bad for the environment.”

Love Our Trails hosts regular clean-ups of popular trails in and around Cape Town, as well as CBD litter drives in Cape Town and other major cities.

The first trail clean-up for 2018 will take place at Lion’s Head on Sunday 25 February, and everyone is welcome.

“Join the Love Our Trails Facebook page to see how you can give our trails some love,” says Blake. “After all, it is February, which is traditionally the month of love.”

What to expect on the day

Love Our Trails has partnered with SANParks and Friends of Lion’s Head who will welcome you at the Lion’s Head boom gate on Signal Hill Road. You will receive gloves, bags and a quick briefing before heading out on a trail clean-up. The group will break up and cover different trails, some will start on the contour path, others collecting litter in the parking lot and along the road (by far the most litter) and others will head up to the top.

“If you feel like breaking a sweat and putting in some serious elbow grease, join the graffiti cleaning team as they take on the mammoth task of removing graffiti,” says Blake. “All equipment will be provided.”

Remember to pack water, sun block, something warm, and comfortable shoes. Be prepared to have fun and to meet some inspiring and energetic people who share a love for nature.

The clean-up is suitable for anyone of any age or fitness level. You can walk at your own pace and turn around whenever you want to.

“Everyone is welcome, and whoever rocks up on the day will make a significant difference,” says Blake. “This is an amazing opportunity for kids to get involved, to learn more about nature and to complete their community service hours.

“Invite your friends, family and colleagues. We can’t wait to welcome you at 9am on Sunday 25 February.”