We first met Jessica Joubert (aka Jess) when we moved into our Joburg HQ in Illovo. She worked at the amazing EnMasse massage space and YouBar day spa in the same building. When EnMasse and YouBar moved, she was unable to go with them.

“Jess is such an amazing person – and brilliant at what she does. I knew we had to find something for her,” says CN&CO’s Rikus Kok.

Rikus spoke to Carel (who, as we all know, is outstanding at recruiting in a “non-traditional” way) and he matched her up in a role as PA to Purple Group CEO, Charles Savage.

“She really had fitted in well at Purple Group,” says Carel, “surviving Charles in the same way the CN&CO team survives me!”

But there’s much more to Jess than being a PA. She’s also a PT – that’s personal trainer – at the Milpark Virgin Active gym. (She has a few open slots, by the way, if you’re looking for an outstanding trainer. Read on for details.)

We asked Jess about her background in fitness, her investment in herself and her financial future, and life in general at Purple Group. Here’s what she told us:

I got really into fitness around the age of 16. Naturally, the first time stepping into the weight section, I felt a bit like an off-balance flamingo swinging around odd-shaped heavy things…oh yes…weights, that’s what the friendly buff guy in the short shorts called them.

Due to my awkward first encounter, I started researching and I researched EVERYTHING! Correct form and technique, types of exercises, what I should be eating for my goals and the list goes on. And that’s where my passion started.

Four years later I did my Higher Certificate in Exercise Sciences through HFPA and enjoyed every minute of it. It was the start of my healthy living, self-investment journey, which didn’t end there.

When I was blessed enough to be appointed the Executive PA to the coolest CEO ever to exist, my investment journey expanded and I learnt all about financial investing. I will admit I knew nothing about investing when I started, but man oh man, I’m addicted now! My TFSA account is my absolute fave! I guess I love the feeling of power that investing gives me. I choose where to put my money and I get to watch it grow… or not – when I need to be reminded to stay humble and be patient haha 🙂

Charles was actually the one who encouraged me to find a way to keep my passion for fitness and self-investing burning and explore part-time training options… and so that’s how I became a personal trainer at Virgin Active Milpark.

You can find me in the gym Monday to Friday mornings and evenings for sessions.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays I can do late afternoons, too. I also offer Saturday sessions, subject to availability.

In addition, I can do partner and group sessions, as well as online training programmes.

You can reach Jess on jtcfitness123@gmail.com or 067 360 2554 to start YOUR self-investment journey today. And don’t forget about your financial health! If you haven’t yet signed up for EasyEquities, register today and start investing.