There’s always something exciting happening over at our partner EasyEquities. The team is constantly finding innovative ways to improve their already awesome investment offerings. They have just recently partnered with InvestSure on a safety net for a selection of shares in their portfolio. What this essentially means is that investors are now able to insure over 100 JSE listed shares against a drop in share price due to management fraud.  

EasyEquities offers its investors access to a wide range of investment options – local and international shares, tax free savings, retirement annuities, exchange traded funds and managed portfolios. They have just partnered with 2OceansVibe to help unpack the whole lot, so if you want to keep up with all things EasyEquities, keep your eyes locked on 2Oceansvibe.  

In Case You Missed It

The EasyEquities team broke down the basics of investing in shares and ETFs. Not an avid reader? don’t worry the team has you covered, they’ve put together a video for you!

Always delivering on client needs and wants, EasyEquities also offers Managed Bundles – where investors have someone else manage a portfolio on their behalf. Check out their Facebook Live Chat here.

Invest in the US

On the plate for next month is US shares and how to invest in them. EasyEquities introduced EasyFX solution to make it easy  for anyone to invest in US shares. Imagine overnight you’re a  Facebook shareholder (move over Zuckerburg). Or maybe Berkshire Hathaway is more your style, ala Warren Buffet.

Keep posted on EasyEquities  Facebook  page to make sure you are part of the US investing conversation – They will be hosting a live chat and sharing some stories from users who are investing in their favourite American brands.