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It’s been a superb year for ITOO & CN&CO. From a brand that only launched in March this year – but with a wealth of experience of speciality underwriting behind it – the team has come a long way from that February evening when we had drinks with them as the sun set on the former name and the next they awoke as ITOO Special Risks.

Warwick Goldie, MD of ITOO Special Risks has this to say: “The first nine months as ITOO Special Risks have been magnificent. Although we have been around in some capacity for a number for years, the brand change has allowed us to develop and nurture our own brand and culture. Believing that service is key in our industry, this is what, amongst other things, will differentiate us in the market.

The ITOO name and pedigree have been strong in the market since launch. The team been working its magic all over the place, most recently in broker offices with its #BoardroomTakeover campaign. This initiative involves product champions going into brokers’ offices for a day where they underwrite and make decisions face-to-face, thus providing a quick solution for the broker where all parties win.

ITOO’s education of brokers is also something to behold. Over 1000 brokers have received training in all corners of South Africa from the legendary Mari Williams and the product champions. This training will continue in 2018. After all, it’s important to the industry that brokers fully understand the products being sold to clients.

ITOO has also been involved in a number of sponsorship opportunities including the Roedean u-14 water polo tournament, the Wolela (Women Leading in Law) Conference, which is a network of women lawyers committed to their personal and professional development, and the PsySSA (Psychological Society of South Africa) which is involved in managing the mental health profession in South Africa, to name a few.

The internal culture in the team is fantastic and with the recent launch of the “Going the Extra Mile” campaign, where each staff member buys into the belief that going 100% is only the starting point, this can only go from strength to strength. Each of the bi-monthly #ITOOTalks the team has, has focused messages to it – one being on the business and the other on the team. The latest meeting focused on health and the importance of being healthy so your work and personal life are not adversely affected.

“Being one of the fairly new people within the industry it has been great to watch the brand being created and and grow. Each of us in the team is part of it and can add suggestions and value into how we want to see the brand and company develop. The next few years are going to be exciting as we broaden our relationship approach not only with brokers but in the various industries we are involved in, such as the PsySSA, Wolela and others,” says Sarah Rule, General Liabilities champion

From a CN&CO perspective, this has been easy to do as the people and personalities within ITOO are great and they know what needs to be done, when.

If 2017 is anything to go by, we are excited for 2018 and what it holds for ITOO & CN&CO.

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Nutritionist, Chantal Walsh talking to the ITOO staff about the importance of a balanced eating plan.

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