I have always said I’m not much of an island holiday type of person, it might have been because of my first experience of the “island life” was whilst traveling to Thailand in 2011, however, Club Med Bintan Island has proven me wrong.

So what made Club Med Bintan Island different?

Firstly, traveling with the CN&CO team was always going to be fun. I love that we have such a diverse team that shares similar values and passions for life.

Secondly, Club Med is about people and experiences, very similar to CN&CO.The staff are really amazing – it’s not just a job, it’s a way of life and they love what they do and you can feel it from the moment you set foot into the resort. It was sad to say goodbye at the end of the trip, it felt like I was saying goodbye to family.

Thirdly, I have had the wrong perception of an island holiday. I always think of it as lying on the beach with a cocktail in hand, readng a book and relaxing under the sun.
As amazing as this sounds, it’s not for me, I need to be active. Club Med Bintan Island offers “active” in all shapes and forms…

Running: there are a number of options from a short run on the beach in front of the resort, to heading out the main gate onto a trail through the forest and onto the incredibly beautiful Ria Bintan Golf Course (check out a blog about the golf experience here)

Squash: So my squash isn’t too good and I generally lose, resulting ina penalty rumbler (or two).However, it is always a great run around, gets the heart rate pounding and if the weather outside isn’t ideal it is great to have an option for indoors! Plus the only way to get better at something is to practice it…

Archery: I took up archery in primary school. It was so much fun trying this sport out again. It can get really competitive and the Club Med staff have some fun games to test your skills, general knowledge and luck for some.

Snorkelling: I was blown away by the snorkelling. Knowing that the reef had been damaged by dynamite fishing, I had very little expectations. The reef was alive with hundreds of fish. It was also amazing to see how the reef is being rehabilitated. I wish I had spent more time snorkelling!

Volleyball: this is lots of fun especially being in a big group. Sport has a way of connecting people and building friendships. The backdrop of the South China Sea wasn’t bad either.

Stand up paddle boarding: This is free and part of the activities Club Med offers, one of my highlights was paddling to a little island along the coast with coral reef below us. With lush forests surrounding you along the coast, rocky outcrops and Malaysia in the distance we found ourselves sitting on a little beach taking it all in. Here is a recap on the water sports at the resort.

Club Med Bintan is really amazing and caters for everyone, even people like me who can’t sit still!