Over the years we have worked with many different financial services companies. One of these, is Investsure and due to our insurance background we assisted the team to roll out their product to give investors peace of mind.

It is a known fact that life is unpredictable. Like gravity, what goes up will eventually come down. Take the stock exchange for example; share prices are in constant limbo and can move up or down at any point- the thrill behind investing.

InvestSure created a world first insurance product that protects investors from losses in the share price which are caused by allegations of management misleading or deceiving the public. Such events include accounting fraud, bribery, collusion etc…

When these events happen and the market believes the allegations, they cause sudden and severe losses to shareholders. Think Enron, Steinhoff, MTN, VW and many more around the world.

Always a step ahead of the game when it comes to finding innovative solutions to keep their customers satisfied, our smart friends over at EasyEquities partnered with InvestSure in 2018 to provide a safety net for a selection of shares in their portfolio.

InvestSure was named a top 100 InsurTech company by Fintech Global. The InsurTech100 recognises pioneering companies in this fairly new sector that are transforming the global insurance industry – recognising the world’s most innovative technology solution providers, solving significant industry problems, generating cost-saving or efficiency improvements within insurance.

Congratulations to the team at Investsure on your award and it’s definitely worth while checking out their offering when you make your next investment on EasyEquities.

InvestSure was named a top 100 InsurTech company by Fintech Global.

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Check out this interview Brendan Dale, an EasyEquities client compiled. He sat down with. the Investsure team to discuss Insuring your shares against losses caused by mismanagement, fraud and corruption.

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