Our partner EasyEquities make it easy for you to invest. They are making it even easier to understand how to invest through  monthly Facebook Live chats with each chat focusing on a particular aspect of investing. The latest chat involves a partnership with Cape Town-based news platform 2 Oceans Vibe. Read the first story on the 2 Oceans Vibe site.

They hosted their first Facebook Live chat on Friday, 4 May 2018 with EasyEquities brand duo Carly Barnes and Standwa Nongauza. Carly and Standwa chatted about the EasyEquities research portal, why new investors should be looking at Exchange Traded Funds, where you can start your investment portfolio, and more in a fun and friendly way.

“The Facebook Live chat went really well – lots of newbie investors joined us and felt comfortable asking questions like: ‘How do I make money by investing?’ or ‘What is a tax-free savings account?’,” shares Carly.

“The best part about Facebook Live chats is the ability to engage with our yousers (we say yousers, not users) in a much more personal and immediate way. I loved seeing other yousers in our community answering some of the questions and discussing things amongst each other, as well. It feels more like a community hang out than a Q and A which is way more personal. Investing is personal but it shouldn’t feel intimidating,” she adds.

Standwa begins the demystification of investing by clarifying what a share is. He explains it simply: by being a shareholder in a company you will have a share in whatever profits they make. He continues by discussing the two ways in which you can make money from investing. The two ways are:

  1. Buying a share at a lower price and selling it after it has appreciated
  2. Dividends, where the company pays you a portion of the profits at regular intervals

Carly and Standwa discuss how to choose shares, diversification, ways to research shares, investing in US companies through EasyEquities, cryptocurrency, tax-free savings accounts, and so much more.

As this is a live chat, Carly and Standwa answer live questions during the chat. The first question is about how to research which shares to buy, so that you can purchase the shares while they are still growing, and how you can determine the long-term return on investment. For the answer to this question and more helpful information on investing, watch the full clip:

You can also access other chats on their YouTube Channel.

Join the next chat on managed investments in June (date TBC). They’ll be chatting about bundles, how they work, what they cost, and how to pick one that’s right for you.

Follow the Easy Equities social media accounts for information on the June chat. The team also share helpful hints, and interesting reads on the EasyEquities Twitter and Facebook accounts.