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COVER Magazine

  • Budget Speech 2019 could bring SA some good news
    The upcoming National Budget Speech for 2019/20 could be a seminal moment for South Africa’s Treasury. The possibility exists that the country may see the impactful tax changes that have been made over the past two years, begin to bear fruit. Read more
  • What Does 2019 Hold for SA Financial Advisors
    Tony Van Niekerk, Editor of COVER Magazine chats to Lizl Budhram, Head of Advice at Old Mutual Personal Finance about “What 2019 holds for SA Financial Advisors”. Read more
  •  Is there any tax benefit in saving over the tax deductible towards retirement?
    According to Carrie Furman, tax specialist at Allan Gray, there are many tax benefits to saving towards retirement, whether investors receive those benefits now or in the future. Find out what they are in this article. Read more

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  • FSCA: Its full steam ahead for Default Regulation compliance
    On 1 March 2019, retirement funds will be expected to be fully compliant with the Default Regulations that were implemented on 1 September 2017. Read more
  • Is there an end in sight?
    Over the past five years, the cost of medical treatment has sky rocketed in the country as there is still an ongoing legal battle regarding medical tariffs. Read more
  • #TIA2019 kicks of with a bang
    Filming of The Insurance Apprentice 2019 officially kicked off on 20 January at Old Mutual Insure in Sandton. Watch here

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  • A reputable financial adviser ‘sells advice, not products’
    Financial advice is key to achieving your investment goals. Choosing the right adviser could have a marked impact on the returns you enjoy over years of meticulous saving. Read more
  • South Africa’s continued role as an economic gateway in Africa
    Corporate real estate investment continues to gravitate towards gateway cities. Read more
  • Cash in by Committing to Your New Year’s Resolutions
    Saving money is another resolution that tops the list time and time again, but what if this could be achieved simply by sticking to your other resolutions? Read more

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Risk Africa Magazine

  • Clarity on FSCA CPD and professional bodies
    The link between FSCA or Regulatory CPD as required in Board Notice 194 of 2017 and Professional Bodies still requires clarity for many Financial Services Providers and their Representatives. Read more
  • Private hospitals say draft NHI laws could threaten 132 000 jobs
    The Hospital Association of South Africa warns that NHI legislation could lead to the loss of up to 132 000 jobs, particularly if price regulation comes into effect.  Read more

  • The ever-changing insurance legal landscape
    Last year, South African insurance companies were faced by a tidal wave of legislative changes. This trend is likely to continue somewhat in 2019. Read more 

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