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COVER Magazine

  • Insurance in the age of Airbnb
    Airbnb has arrived in SA in a big way. However, for locals looking to rent out their properties, there are insurance implications to consider. Just as Uber impacted car insurance, so too does Airbnb change how household insurance should be viewed. Read more
  • Cover for riots, protests and violent strikes essential
    Since the beginning of 2010 to June 2018, SA experienced 1330 violent service delivery protests, this highlights how crucial it is for risk managers, business leaders & consumers to ensure they have cover against the risk of loss or damage caused by protests, riots, strikes, civil commotion & public disorder. Read more

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FA news

  • The risks that inevitably lie ahead
    “Growing our businesses, the greater insurance industry and the economy as a whole. Learning as much as we can in order to navigate a tricky business environment and coming together, to create synergies and serve our clients in the best ways possible,” said Thokozile Mahlangu, Chief Executive Officer of the Insurance Institute of South Africa (IISA). Read more
  • Collaboration is the key
    Now, more than ever, in a low return environment, investment intelligence is a prized commodity. As an adviser, you are tasked with creating, crafting and managing people’s investment dreams and expectations on a daily basis. Read more

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FIA Week@AGlance

  • Investing in the training and development of the broker distribution channel, will grow the industry
    Given the indispensable role that the broker plays in the insurance value chain, it makes good business sense for insurers to continually focus on training and developing this important distribution channel. Read more
  • Oakhurst Insurance and friends get planting to save the planet
    On the 3rd of September 2019, staff from Oakhurst Insurance as well as their business partners and friends from the local community gathered together to plant over 200 indigenous trees, with the aim of growing a brand-new forest. Read more

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