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AIE 2019: Best. Conference. Ever.
Excitement is mounting at AIE headquarters ahead of this year’s insurance conference, with some phenomenal plans under way to ensure the organising committee delivers the best conference ever! CN&CO is proud to be part of the team organising this year’s conference on behalf of the Insurance Institute of South Africa (IISA) and the South African Insurance Association (SAIA). Read more

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COVER Magazine

  • Extreme Weather is becoming a regular part of life
    As extreme weather events are increasing in severity, frequency, and unpredictability, insurers must adjust their risk methodologies accordingly. Read more
  • Today’s commercial broker must understand risk management principles
    What would you do if your entire factory burnt down? Or if cybercriminals corrupted your IT systems beyond repair? And what if your company got sued for three times its annual turnover? These are the sorts of questions brokers should be asking their clients when setting the levels of cover required in commercial policies.​ Read more

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FA news

  • Perception is everything
    According to Liberty’s research the barriers to getting a financial adviser are that 22% of clients believe that advisers are too expensive, while 19% believe they will not add value to their lives. Read more

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  • Insurance: Three underwriting elements you must know
    Insurance provides families with protection from life’s risks and uncertainties but taking out long-term risk cover is an intensive process. Read more
  • FPI Convention 2019: Adding value to you, your clients and your business
    2019 marks the 30th annual FPI Professionals Convention, one of the most significant events for financial planning professionals in South Africa. Read more

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