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bryan-verpoort-on-dronesBryan Verpoort of Hollard Drone Insurance, a client at CN&CO, facilitated a commercial drone workshop on 26 October 2016. He shared his insight and knowledge on the regulations and laws of commercial drone insurance.

Drones have existed for over a year, but the demand for these aircrafts have increased dramatically in South Africa.

The lack of road infrastructure in Rwanda has created an opportunity for Zipline (in partnership with the Government of Rwanda) to deliver life saving medical products to hospitals in Rwanda within minutes of urgency.

Bryan believes drones are here to change the world and take over the traditional ways of doing things. “They are the new disruptors and have already taken over sectors such as film, mining and healthcare,” says Bryan. “Drones are going to become an important part of a lot of businesses too.”

If businesses are going to utilise drones they need to be aware of the regulations that drive these aircrafts. Although many of us may think these regulations are “ridiculous”, they need to be adhered to.

If one wants to operate a commercial drone they need to acquire a licence for both the drone and the pilot. The Drone has to also be registered by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

In case you have set your drone to soar this holiday, it’s important that you do research.

Unfortunately not all drones are insurable. Due to the inherent risk of operations, the aviation insurance does not cover recreational drones. “The aviation risk covers commercial drones for hull losses as well as liability for passenger injuries , environmental and third-party damage caused by aircraft accidents,” says Bryan.

Bryan introduced the guests to commercial drone insurance and covered a whole spectrum on the regulations of commercial drones in the South African market.

The topics covered were:

  • What is and is not commercial drone activity
  • The aviation regulators (ICAO, CAA and FAA)
  • Part 101 Regulations and Terminology
  • Difference between aviation and non-aviation liability
  • What can be covered under a commercial drone insurance policy
  • The recreational market

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