A bearing’s purpose is to reduce friction between moving parts and constrain forces to create desired momentum. Since 1992, our clients Bearings 2000 has been inspired to mirror this purpose in their business philosophy. Their aim is to create a simplified, no-nonsense and friction-free buying experience for all buyers of bearings and industrial supplies.

Joint Managing Directors, Michael and Alex Stamatiadis

Team CN&CO has been working with the Bearings 2000 team on their new digital home and we’re delighted with the the result – a site with moving parts, insight into the Bearing 2000 business and news from their exciting world.

The site offers a clean and modern look. It offers a look into their service and product channels.

Their blog is also a channel to stay in-tune with their world, including news from their industry, partners and team. Their latest blogs include:

Managing director, Michael Stamatiadis says, “We’re really proud of our new website. It provides a clear message of who we are, what we stand for and how we add value to our customers. We will communicate regularly through our blogs in the form of video content, industry insights, B2K news, staff updates and product information.

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