Being able to travel is an amazing opportunity. It allows you to meet new people, see different spaces/places and get a different view of the journey of life

Travel doesn’t necessarily mean hoping on a plane and while it is hard to replace the real deal. Reading, watching featured films or allowing your mind to be stretched through thinking can take you to amazing places.

There is an international hashtag that from time to time trends on a Tuesday, as people around the globe get excited while exploring or thinking about their next trip. The hashtag I am referring to is #TravelTuesday and if you follow the CN&CO blog you may be familiar with the term.

While scrolling through Instagram this afternoon I came across a post about a new video titled “Exploring Indonesia – The Last Paradise”. It’s well worth a watch as it features some magical shots and gives you a touch of what to expect when exploring this beautiful part of the world away from all the crowded locations.

Speaking of social media, check out this piece I wrote about selecting influencers for your brand.

Oh, and if are looking for an influencer here is some food for thought. I strongly emphasise the importance of a brand using data to understand the audience that they are communicating to, you shouldn’t just select an influencer based on the number of social media followers that they have. This a view that Carel and I share, so test it we rejuvenated his profile on the webfluential platform, check it out here.

Happy travel dreaming and planning.