It’s crazy how time flies.

Mandela Day is a special day for South Africans and many people around the globe. It’s a day for us to remember a great leader, an inspirational person and emphasise his values. Last year, Madiba’s birthday grew in meaning for a couple of us as we completed our first official MAD2Run team training run and met the rest of team 2018.

It’s a year down the line and it’s crazy to think of everything that has happened.

Reflection is important, it can teach us a thing or two and it is important for us to remember the memories that we have made on the adventures that we throw ourselves into. Today I recapped some of the memories from our MAD2Run.

Here are a few snap shots, it definitely doesn’t feel like our MAD2Run journey began 12 months ago.

Our submission to be part of the MAD2Run team for 2018.

Our famous 67 minutes for Mandela Day and the first official team training that we did. We probably should have continued these training sessions, but life happened and we weren’t as fit as we should have been for our journey down to Cape Town.

Fundraising along the way was awesome and it reminded us why we had decided to submit our entry to be part of Team 2018…we wanted to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. Thank you again to everyone who contributed to our journey you gave us a reason to keep going when the journey got tough on the road down to the Cape earlier this year.

Our weekly Mad Men diaries—some a bit more serious than others. Overall, they provided us with a place to talk about our experiences, share our nerves with you and hopefully they provided you with a bit of entertainment.

A truly crazy, epic and special journey across South Africa. Taking us to places that we would otherwise never have been. Spending 8 hours in a car with new mates and running through the night when we should have been sleeping are experiences that we will cherish for a long time to come.

We contributed to something far bigger than ourselves and have our friends, family and colleagues to thank for helping us to do this. The work that the Make A Difference Leadership Foundation (MAD) does is phenomenal, providing future leaders of South Africa with opportunities to grow and further their education.

When we finished MAD2Run in a rainy Cape Town, it was a strange feeling. One that took a while to sink in. Many people have asked Kurt, Allan and me if we would recommend doing it and our answer has always been a resounding YES! It is so much more than just a run from Joburg to Cape Town in 7 days. It is a journey and you form a close bond with the rest of the MAD family. Recapping on these thoughts, I have realised how fortunate I was to have been able to be a part of this epic journey.  Writing this has reminded me to cherish your memories, the friends you make, the experiences you have and to throw yourself out of your comfort zone.