Just as the wheels of a bicycle turn so does the journey through life. We travel over different terrains and have different experiences. It’s only natural then, that at different stages we seek different interests and learn new skills.

The past twelve months have been fascinating. From knee operations, new business, and changing priorities. Time has moved and it’s a tad crazy to think about everything that has happened in the last year.

When I started this blog series back in 2017, the goal was to share a few thoughts and insights around things that I thought about while I was out on my rides. While I haven’t ridden a bicycle properly for ages (I road more in December that I did in the whole of 2019), I still have a love for riding – wide open spaces, the road, your thoughts and a chance to zone out. Riding taught me a lot about myself, showed me where the boundaries are, connected me to a bunch of interesting people, and gave me experiences that I will remember for many years to come.

Change can be scary, but the opportunities and diversity that come from it far out-weigh the “scariness” (just my opinion of course). We should never underestimate the learnings that can come from change and how we develop into a better person.

So, when we give something up or change a routine it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are sick and tired of it. Rather just that our priorities have shifted and the stage of life that we are in is pulling us in a different direction.

Remember that you are in control of where you apply your mind, attention and your time. Keeping riding through life and enjoy it!