The Insurance Institute of Gauteng’s inaugural “24 hour charity spinathon” is fast approaching and we couldn’t be more excited for this Friday, the 22nd of April. A wide variety of companies, personalities, dress up and charities will be represented on the day so here is the inside scoop for the day.

Lombard’s 50 strong cyclist team takes to the bikes over the lunch hour from 12-1 pm. A prime time slot for the newly rebranded company to display their spinning skills, the instructor of choice is none other than triathlete extraordinaire Nick Kadima. Their charity of choice is the Bokamoso Education Trust and there are rumours of additional funds being raised courtesy of several of the UMA Partners challenging Doug Laburn, head of Lombard Partnerships, to embrace some classic “cyclist-shaving”…

From 17:00-18:00, co-incidentally the perfect happy hour, Purple Group will demonstrate their affinity for all things two-wheeled (even though they are stationary bikes), possibly under the watchful eye of either mountain biker Josh Nuttall or seasoned Ironman slash resident Purple DJ Justin Pierce. Make sure you catch the lovable Leb Kurt Solomon keeping the team hydrated with ample tequila shots. One of Purple’s charities of choice is Afrika Tikkun while we eagerly await for the second charity to be announced.

As the silent cycle sessions commence at midnight, Team CN&CO and friends (quite a lot of them!) will enter the spinning tent in a wave of pink ready to take the event to the next level. The Pink Drive is our chosen charity and be sure to look out for the following personalities giving cancer the middle finger:

  • Dagan Rego pretending to cycle while he glares at his wife Gabbi for signing him up for such a late time slot
  • Michelle Padayachee dishing out her patented “handjob” shots to anyone brave enough to try them
  • Colin Ford digesting his Pesach dinner and wondering why he agreed to exercise AFTER having eaten

There will be many more people joining the gees but special mention must go to the following:

  1. The Good News Guy Brent Lindeque from CliffCentral doing his best not to think of the 8 am start he has in the morning for the awesome HuddleUp and GEM project
  2. The team from Hollard Specialist Liabilities providing some quality banter
  3. The Livingstone Crichton lawyers Chris and Tim making sure things stay classy and legal
  4. Practically the whole family of Barker Insurance Brothers dominating the team entrance field
  5. Ronald Gall from Global Choices showing everyone else that you can never be too enthusiastic for beer on a bike
  6. Jono Dicks from Student Village showing us his passion for sports by cruising on the bike

and finally the legend that is none other than Blake Dyason from RiskAfrica. The fitness machine that is Blake will have no problem demolishing the hour’s ride, on top of the previous four slots he will have already done that day! No stranger to charity and lending a helping hand whenever he can, Blake is truly an inspiration to us all and we are extremely grateful that he and several of his other red-sock mates will be joining the cause.

Now that you have some insider information, if you would like to be involved in the charity event of the industry, drop us a message on Twitter or email.

Looking forward to seeing you troopers this Friday

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