Waste, rewards and a more sustainable future.

These are not often words that you see in the same sentence, but thanks to Imagined Earth and reverse vending technology we are able to close the loop and offer consumers are way to contribute towards a sustainable future.

The concept of reverse vending is not entirely new when you look at things from a global perspective, Imagined Earth is the first company to bring this technology to South Africa.

Launched in 2015, Imagined Earth is a forward-thinking green data and recycling business that allows you to earn money and rewards for your recycling. Through engaging in recycling and contributing to a sustainable future, you can earn money by returning your packaging waste using the Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs).

Justin Needham, Imagined Earth’s General Manager, has been in the environmental space for a number of years and has started different business in the recycling industry. One of Justin’s true passions is to provide a platform for people to make conscious decisions and reward them for it.

Imagined Earth is a South African based company and proud partner for Africa for INCOM TOMRA and TOMRA. INCOM TOMRA Recycling Technology is a Chinese-Norwegian joint venture. While based in China, INCOM TOMRA are devoted to promoting smart recycling and the circular economy globally.

Imagined Earth is focused on the recovery of packaging through data, analytics, user engagement, reverse vending and other waste and packaging technologies. Imagined Earth believes in the need for new business models and not just new technologies. The business model is built on the principles of the circular economy and they move businesses to do the same. As technology develops, we can utilise it to make our environment and our world green and our processes more sustainable.

The Imagined Earth platform blends intelligent packaging recovery with a digital interface. Through using reverse vending technology to identify the waste that is being returned using advanced barcode scanning technology. The RVMs accurately identify and sort the waste.

One hundred percent of the value of your recycled items is allocated into your Imagined Earth Wallet, a first of its kind digital wallet in Africa. So, the more you recycle the higher the value of your wallet.

Here’s how you can start your Imagined Earth journey.

  1. Head over to the Imagined Earth Website (www.ImaginedEarth.com)
  2. Download the app from your favourite app store (IOS and Google Play)
  3. Use the app to search RVM locations near you
  4. Visit your closest location
  5. Take a pic of recycling experience and tag Imagined Earth on your favourite social media platform
  6. Make recycling a habit and get rewarded for it.

Join the evolution of recycling today and let’s all contribute to our future!

Ps, stay tuned. We have some exciting announcements to make linked to Imagined Earth in the coming months. It is great to have this business involved in the CN&CO network and we look forward to watching it grow.

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