Imagine feeding 100 000 people.

Well Brownie Points has partnered up with The Do More Foundation to do just that on World Food Day.

16 October is World Food Day, one of the most celebrated days on the UN calendar. Hundreds of events and outreaches across 150 countries bring governments, businesses, NGOs, the media and public together to take action again hunger. World Food Day promotes world wide awareness and action for those who suffer from hunger and for the need to ensure healthy diets for all.

The Do More Foundation has set an ambitious goal to make 100 000 sandwiches to feed 100 000 mouths. The Do More Foundation has partnered up with Brownie Points a digital volunteering platform that helps caring citizens take part in meaningful causes. Brownie Points provides NGOs like The Do More Foundation with a dashboard that makes it easy for organisations to empower people, NPOs and companies to host activations, while engaging, tracking and reporting on the engagement and impact.

Do More Foundation already have over 280 volunteers signed up with some of their corporate partners committing to around 2000 staff collectively to achieve the goal of making 100 000 sandwiches.

They have set up 3 public events for anyone to get involved and help make this ambitious goal a reality. Take a look at the 3 locations and sign up as a volunteer or help create awareness about #Zerohunger by sharing these activations.

Riverview Prep School, Malelane, Volunteer HERE:

Worcester City Hall, Western Cape, Volunteer HERE:

Westville, Durban, Volunteer HERE:

Volunteering should be easy, fun and rewarding, join the Brownie Points family, and make a difference. Says Blake Dyason co-founder Brownie Points.