The Insurance Institute of the Border (IIB) has published its latest quarterly newsletter. The Jan-Mar 2016 edition of the BIN Newsletter hit inboxes this morning.

Jono Bruton in his Dead Reckoning gear

Jono Bruton in his Dead Reckoning gear

“The IIB provides people in the insurance industry in and around East London with a networking hub for social and educational events,” says IIB communications officer Jono Bruton*. “One of our functions is to keep channels of communication open between members, and our newsletter is one of the ways we do this.”

IIB is one of nine regional insurance institutes.

“CN&CO is actively involved in the digital communication activities of four regional insurance institutes – in Gauteng, Cape of Good Hope, KZN and Border – as well as the Insurance Institute of South Africa,” explains CN&CO’s Carel Nolte. “The national and regional institutes perform a vital function in keeping the industry connected and growing professional development.

“As a specialist service provider to the insurance industry, we remain on hand to provide marketing communication services and support for anyone in the industry.”

* In addition to being communications officer of the IIB, Jono also heads up the Eastern Cape sales office of Purple Group, operates a rad online clothing business called Dead Reckoning, and runs free surfing training for the Salty Hour initiative. He is also a regular contributor on the CN&CO blog.