“I wish someone had told me” is a series of posts that feed into our inquisitive nature at CN&CO. Each week we hear from someone in our network about something interesting or surprising that’s recently happened or occurred to them – or lessons they learnt. These blogs are a way to pay it forward and form part of CN&CO’s belief that the world can be a better place – and we all have a responsibility to make it so. This week’s post is by Josie. It’s about love and time.

I often find myself getting unavoidable bouts of anxiety at about four in the afternoon, when the light outside starts to change from light to dark. Staring down the barrel of yet another sleepless night with no idea what it holds. A teething child who cries all night? An angel who sleeps until four, wakes for a quick feed and then gently falls directly back to sleep again at four thirty? A toddler who may sleep soundly until five am or a night filled with sleep terrors and nightmares? Well this video brought tears to my eyes and made me realise how incredibly short this time is. How holding my sweet, innocent baby in my arms at two am and listening to the cute little grunts and groans as she feeds, is something that one day I will certainly look back on and miss with every fibre of my being. This video is for all parents out there. Remember. The nights may be so very long sometimes, but the years are most certainly so very short. Cherish even the sleep deprivation if you possibly can. Like so many things and situations in life, its how we choose to view it that makes it what it is. I watched this video a few days ago and it has fundamentally changed the way I experience my nights with my girls. This too shall pass, but not too quickly please!


The nights are long but the years are short video

Me and my girls