The latest in the “I wish” series comes from Rob Christian, based on some reflections from his recent travels in China and North Korea.

While there are many reasons I enjoy visiting other countries, one of the main reasons is that I end up walking far more than I usually do back home. Walking slows things down allowing me to observe my surroundings in a different light than I am accustomed to. On some of my walks in February this year I thought a lot about  life, history, people and the future.

What kept coming back to me was the thought that most of life is a lottery.

  • Where you were born
  • What your genetic makeup is
  • What your family life was like growing up

Or any other number of circumstances you can conjure up in the mind, and how they have all shaped your life up until the present moment.

But I realised, more importantly than the lottery, that two things are true:

  • I can’t control the majority of things in my life, and can never hope to
  • What I can do is control how I choose to respond to circumstances around me, and that is simply enough.

We all have challenges, opportunities and abilities, yet sometimes we get stuck thinking on our past lottery, not realising it doesn’t have to dictate our future.


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