Think back to the dark days of lockdown, when we weren’t allowed to see our families, buy booze or cigarettes (or even travel with them), go to movies or restaurants, go for a run in the street, hang out in a park or go to gym. Schools were closed, beaches were closed, offices were closed. There was a 10pm curfew.

The latest round of level 1 lockdown measures are a breeze compared to what we went through in level 5. Let’s not forget.

So you won’t be able to go to the beach. Aren’t you excited that there’s less chance you (and thousands of other South Africans) won’t potentially be exposed to Covid-19!? Can’t kiss a stranger at midnight on New Year’s Eve? At least you can see your family and celebrate being together until 10 or 10.30pm. Can’t buy beer on a Saturday? Plan ahead and buy it on Tuesday.

None of these restrictions are life-changing, and they’re certainly not permanent. I think we should all take a deep breath and be grateful that we can. Think of all the hospital and other frontline staff who won’t have Christmas or New Year. Think of those who are incapacitated by the virus. No festive season for them either.

This is not about us as individuals. It’s about us a nation – as a species! And it won’t last forever. So let’s get over our petty inconveniences and focus on wearing masks, sanitising, avoiding massive events, keeping our distance and not kissing strangers. That’s the best way to survive this thing.

Everything will be okay.

Wishing you a peaceful, satisfying and recuperative festive season. See you in 2021, when amazing shit is going to happen. You’ll see.

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