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It’s the middle of February 2020 – can you believe it?!

Which means that there are only eleven more months to enjoy the official Ferrari calendar for 2020, however I am sure that you may have the calendar on your wall for many more months than just the traditional calendar year.

Having an official Ferrari calendar is a MUST HAVE item for all Ferrari fans and collectors alike.

Why should you buy one? Well, that’s easy.

2020’s Official Ferrari calendar is the 36th edition. For some, this is the 36th calendar that they will add to their collection. For other’s it may be your first and will carry many memories. This year’s calendar is also the first Official Ferrari calendar to contain scents and sounds of these prestigious Italian automobiles!

Ferrari Calendar 2020
Image supplied by PCR

Globally, there are five thousand copies with only eighty in South Africa.

The calendar features both new and historical Gran Turismo and racing cars. The photographs are taken by Günther Raupp who ranks as one of the most sought-after automobile photographers in Europe and America. Günther followed his passion for Ferrari and has achieved his lifelong dream of owning a Dino 246 Spider.

In 1984 Gunther began to photograph and produce his own Ferrari calendar. Thee Enzo Ferrari congratulated and thanked Günther for his first edition calendar that he had been sent. This set the benchmark for the unparalleled history of a calendar series that is today most sought-after by Ferrari enthusiasts worldwide. His unique, unmistakable photographic style, and the unequalled reproduction quality of his calendars has impressed some of the most famous Ferrari collectors throughout the world, who have opened the gates of their private collections exclusively for him.

Ferrari Calendar 2020
Image supplied by PCR

Günther recently exhibited his photographs in the Ferrari Museum “Galleria Ferrari” in Maranello, the home of Ferrari.

Collectors can also purchase the photographs as valuable originals, personally signed by Günther Raupp.

This is not simply a purchase of another calendar, it is an investment in the photographic art of Günther Raupp and in the history and future of Ferrari.

For further details please contact Pablo Clark;


Ps, You should also pay a visit to Günther Raupp’s website: https://www.raupp.com/en/guenther_raupp