CN&CO’s Carel Nolte and Rob Christian recently returned from a trip to Club Med Valmorel with 5FM DJ Rob Forbes and his wife Birgit Brammer. The foursome were accompanying the winner of a competition run on the national radio station by our partner EasyEquities.

According to Carel, “Birgit was the best skier by far, Rob C was second best (probably thanks to his trip to Club Med Val Thorens last year), Rob F was third and I was the worst. Not that it’s a competition, of course.”

Of course.

Club Med also gave away three trips at the recent Saints Easter Rugby Festival.

“This is a perfect example of the power of relationships,” says Carel. “Finding connections between people and brands that others may miss. That’s what we do really well at CN&CO.”

Rob C wrote an article for the Club Med South Africa blog, which we’ve reproduced below:

Carving, shredding, off piste – all the cool words that come to mind when you look at the cover picture and suddenly you want to be at the top of a mountain looking down at the snow covered valley below.

While the person picture above is highly skilled at skiing, you don’t need to be that good to get out and enjoy a snow holiday. All you need to do is follow the steps below.

  1. Get a rad bunch of people together – like some good mates and a 5 FM DJ
  2. Commit to going on a ski experience, probably in Europe as it is the shortest destination for South Africans to get to
  3. Look at the costs and reassess – the rand might be stronger these days but not as strong as you need it to be once you start converting it to euros
  4. Look at the costs again and reassess – you actually can afford it if you go to an all-inclusive resort…
  5. All-inclusive ski resort sounds good – but is it really all inclusive, you wonder?
  6. Hells yeah it is! Food, drinks, accommodation, everything related to SKIING is all wrapped up nicely into one affordable price
  7. Did you realise that all the ski expenses are covered? That is equipment, ski pass, locker storage all you need to do is bring some clothes. Easy game
  8. Pick an all inclusive resort like Club Med – have you heard of Valmorel?
  9. No? Well then even more reason to go there!
  10. Fly to Europe, catch your transfer and arrive at the village to be welcomed by awesome G.Os (Gentiles Organisateurs, n’est-ce pas?) who look after your every need
  11. Then ski all week long with the best instructors Europe has to offer
  12. Repeat the following year

Those 12 steps are all you need to ensure you have the best ski holiday you can imagine. For South Africans, never having to take out your wallet while on holiday overseas is a blessing and makes the entire experience hassle free. All you can eat restaurants, all you can drink bars, all with your mates, is a combination that is hard to beat generally. Now throw in a resort that truly wants you to have the best time with no hassle and you have a recipe for success of the best skiing holiday you could ever wish for.

Book online or (if you’re in the hood) pop into the Club Med Boutique at the Design Quarter in Fourways.

Now watch Rob meandering down the forest slopes…