Running a small business both is exciting and daunting at the same time. It requires – trade-offs, jumping into the deep end and the willingness to learn and adapt on the go. You will never have all the answers and this is one of the things that I find most energising about operating in this space. As Christopher Lochhead said when talking about life and business, “the journey is the destination” and I am grateful that my journey crossed paths with the CN&CO team.

When I met Carel in 2014, he was putting the finishing touches to conceptualising CN&CO along with the other shareholders. CN&CO 1.0 developed into a successful and thriving business and during the course of 2019, it transitioned into CN&CO 2.0. This new business model is one that enables and has empowered the creation of a number of small businesses.

The COVID-19 crisis has placed a cloak of unknown over the future of number of small businesses in South Africa, asking them to adapt at a rapid pace. I am confident that many will adapt and think on their feet to navigate this crisis, which will pass.

Social media has been a buzz with a call for people to support small business during this time and our friend, Brent Lindeque, from the Good Things Guy has created a Facebook group for small businesses who wish to connect, network and share ideas during this turbulent time.

He described it as “a space to help each other.”

If you are a small business who needs help with exposure, or if you are from corporate South Africa and able to assist in any way, then list your company (or find a small business to help) on group and network with other small business owners in SA.

This is a space where South Africa can help each other. We are going to need to lean in and be the support we need right now. #StrongerTogether indeed.

Join it here:

Big businesses like Apple, Microsoft, Google and other tech giants have shifted, grown, and changed (just like humans if you think about it). These giants certainly didn’t start out at the scale that they are at today all those years ago and they have weathered storms in the past.

Small businesses will definitely feel the effects of COVID-19 as will the entire global economy. There will be big shifts in the way operations happen and this crisis is also going to ask people to evaluate what really matters to them, more on this in another blog landing later this week.

So, this is a call to support your community where you can. Contribute and collaborate. If you are a fellow small business owner, let’s stand together and work on ways that we can navigate the unknown together.

While you are practicing social distancing, share a story about your favourite small business that you have interacted with recently on social media. Help to grow their presence and support them if you can. Here’s a great idea from the CEO of Veldskoen South Africa, on how you can.

I am also keen for small businesses to speak up and share how they are changing or adapting their operations to continue operating during COVID-19 restrictions – please tag @CNandCO on social media and let’s expand the conversation.

Let’s navigate this challenging time together and collaborate where we can.

Stay healthy, keep safe, and keep sharing.