Ever on the cutting edge of innovation and investorcentricity, SatrixNOW has just launched a range of unit trusts PLUS the Satrix Access range, which makes investing even more simple.

While there is a fair amout of overlap between ETFs and unit trusts, there are also some differences that might appeal to different styles of investment. Apart from a few very technical features (which you can read more about here) there are also a few index-related differences. For example Satrix currently offers sector trackers (Resi 10, Fini 15, Indi 25) in ETF format only. Satrix Alsi40, Dividend Plus and Rafi 40 are available in both ETF and unit trust format, while Money Market and Balanced tracker funds are available only as Satrix unit trusts.

One thing they most definitely have in common is their pricing, which is very, very affordable…. no platform fees, no data fees, no sign-up fees and extremely low broker commissions.

Hot on the heels of the unit trusts comes the launch of the Satrix Access range. This is basically a set of Satrix’s three flagship products. The message is, “If you’re not sure what to choose, pick one of these.”

The range comprises a local equity (Satrix TOP 40 ETF), global equity (Satrix MSCI World) and multi-asset fund Satrix Balanced Index Fund unit trust), hand picked to help simplify your investment choice. The same pricing principles apply to the Access range as to all the other products on the SatrixNOW platform – i.e. really, really inexpensive!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up on the SatrixNOW platform today and start your investment portfolio. You won’t regret it.

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