COVID-19, an acronym now known by everyone around the world. The global pandemic has changed the world as we knew it – disrupting the global economy and bringing many industries to a complete standstill. Navigating the path that lies ahead and the uncertainty that it presents is arguably one of the biggest challenges that we will face. So just how do we navigate it?

We met Anthea Gardner through our work with our partner EasyEquities. Anthea is the founder and managing partner of Cartesian Capital, the author of Make Your Money Work For You and the manager of the #invest bundles on EasyEquities platform. You may also have seen her raising funds for charity via her role as chairperson of The Early Care Foundation, or on her bike (she’s an avid triathlete). Alongside Carel she loves So Yum and we know that’s where you’ll spot them post lockdown!

Cartesian Capital is a South African asset management business based in Johannesburg. Using their analytical skills they find opportunities in listed fixed income and equities. They look for value in companies that have an edge in their relevant markets and with strong management to capitalise on their competitive advantage.

To help you navigate the challenges that we are presented with, Cartesian Capital have launched Cartesian talks. A weekly webinar that is kicking off next week. Each webinar will feature a special guest and you can look forward to informative take-aways to help you best navigate the COVID-19 climate.

The first webinar will feature Nick Hudson. Nick is an actuary, the co-ordinator of Panda and a private equity fund manager.

Pandemics – Data & Analytics (PANDA) is probably how many of our readers will know Nick. As a newly established multidisciplinary group seeking to inform policy, they primarily look at data that allows us to count the human and economics costs of COVID-19 in South Africa. They are a group of professionals, economists, mathematicians, medical professionals, lawyers and businesspeople working as a collective to bring more data and analytics to the decision-making table.

Nick was one of the first people to publicly criticise the continuation of the lockdown and its restrictive measures.

“A continued lockdown is not only damaging the economy, it promises a ‘humanitarian disaster to dwarf Covid-19’ by having a severe impact on the health and well-being of millions of South Africans.”

The frequently voiced government mantra that lives are being prioritised and that the issue is “lives versus the economy” is described in the Panda report as a false dichotomy. The report notes: “Viruses kill. But the economy sustains lives, and poverty kills too.”

Nick was part of a panel of actuaries that presented a detailed report to President Cyril Ramaphosa, you can view the report here.

Join Cartesian Talks:

Date – Tuesday 2 June 2020 at 16h00

Topic – Hitting Bullseye during Covid-19

Where – From the comfort of your couch

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