At CN&CO we are big fans of the arts and initiatives that support the arts. Having come across our blog on the Venice Biennale, Charl de Villiers reached out to CN&CO for support. An architect by profession, Charl’s project “The Mountain Home” has been chosen as the only South African exhibition to showcase at the Time Space Existence 2018 exhibition in Venice. As such Charl is seeking support in the form of sponsorship in order to realize this opportunity. Read more about the project below, sponsorship details are also enclosed.


The Mountain Home is honoured to have been invited to the Time Space Existence 2018 exhibition in Venice at the 16th International Architectural Biennale taking place from May to December 2018. As South Africa is not participating in the 2018 Biennale at all, the inclusion of this project in the Exhibition is of grave importance.    

“The Mountain Home”, now under construction, is on a Pretoria city centre mountain, with prime views, where wealthy and poor areas meet. The larger family home has a smaller “Outbuilding”: an auxiliary multiple-story, mixed-use including informal community facilities, providing combined petite living, working and playing spaces (an amphitheatre, meditation courtyard, garage converting to a pop-up art gallery cum cinema) Though compact in scale (441 m2 in total), highly complex!                 

The small stand was recently created in an established suburb by fusing two parcels of left-over city street and private garden. Because of building lines and criss-crossing city servitudes initially only 270 m2, split into three separate bits, of the 717 m2 stand had the city’s permission for construction of a single house of one storey only. Careful negotiations resulted in improved permissions. The slope is extremely steep. City’s bulk services on the stand (electricity and water) had to be addressed as did neighbours who occupied both the stand and city’s road. These battles required resilience – the aforesaid took more than ten very demanding years. 

The buildings are double storeys stepping down the mountain. Roofs and balconies maximize outdoor living and optimise safety and security in a country with crime. There are private water and electricity supplies independent of city services. The buildings and gardens are maintenance-free and lock up and go. The handicapped home owners enjoy a self-contained ground floor apartment, with garage, within the family home. The project is proudly Modernist: functionality generates a linear design with no applied decoration. It is also earthy and African – highly sculptural, using the most rudimentary local materials: clay bricks and concrete. This project bravely fuses with the mountain as one single whole.

If this project speaks to you, please consider (co)sponsorship. Sponsors receive full branding exposure including some 300 000 visitors in person over 6 months, 500 000 visitors online and 65 000 personalised emails to Friends of the Exhibition: exposure to close to a million people! Plus the opportunity to socialise and enjoy during the vernissage (openings) nights end of May in two Venetian palazzos, or palaces.

Full sponsorship documentation is available upon request.

Please feel free to contact me with queries; site visits can be arranged.  

Charl de Villiers, Architect I I +27 83 271 2675