We love it when people we who like, also like each other. Take Satrix and EasyEquities, both partner organisations of CN&CO’s and both truly amazing South African companies doing fantastic things to democratise the stock exchange. And so why shouldn’t they brag a bit when amazing things happen?

The SatrixNOW platform, which is hosted on the EasyEquities back end, recently won some major awards; Satrix recently added six new ETFs (basically a bunch of shares bundled into one tradeable instrument); and recently attracted a single transaction of R20 million!

Here’s what the dynamic duo had to say about all these phenomenal achievements:

Satrix and EasyEquities make a dynamic partnership. Not only is the entire range of Satrix ETFs available on the EasyEquities platform, but the partnership also led to the rise of the SatrixNOW platform – which recently cleaned up at the 2017 African FinTech Awards.

People are what makes organisations work, and the Satrix team has it down! 2017 has been a very busy year for the team, having launched six new ETFs to provide investors with a complete suite of investment options.

The Satrix ETF range includes offshore exposure with the Satrix MSCI emerging markets, Satrix S&P 500 and, more recently, a single R20 million transaction into the Satrix MSCI world ETF. Satrix 40 ETF and the Satrix INDI ETF are among the most traded ETFs on the EasyEquities platform, and the top traded ETFs on SatrixNOW. This shows that our community #Loves Satrix products. And with the Satrix INDI 25 ETF returning 16.27% over 10 years, topping 10-year performance rankings for index-tracking products, who can blame them?

The Satrix and EasyEquities teams have the same goal in mind: democratising the stock market. This means bringing investing to the man on the street, making it simpler, more cost effective and accessible for everyone. It is clear why EasyEquities and SatrixNOW have partnered. FinTech not only makes it easier for users to invest, but also for institutions to collaborate.

If you haven’t investigated the Satrix ETF lineup, check it out on SatrixNOW (right now, not now-now!)

Remember, you can buy these ETFs as part of your tax-free savings allowance. What are you waiting for? Sign up for EasyEquities or hook up a SatrixNOW account today!