Our friends at Riversands Incubation Hub continue to play an important role in assisting black-owned SMEs and entrepreneurs with opportunities to enhance their skills and to grow their businesses. This month the hub reached an important milestone:  more than 150 businesses now operate on the campus.

“It gives me great pleasure to report that we now have 152 businesses on campus at all stages of growth and evolution, including some spreading their wings beyond Riversands,” says Riversands CEO Jenny Retief. “This milestone, coupled with the recent interest in our approach to incubation, suggests this could be a good point to summarise our philosophy.”

The latest Riversands newsletter is out, which is where we got this amazing piece of information. But read a little further than Jenny’s welcome note and you’ll see that the amazingness just never ends. There’s a new COO, a new retail space, a national exhibition coming up, and a bunch of other news.

“There is so much incredible stuff happening in South Africa,” says CN&CO’s Carel Nolte. “Having watched Riversands growing over the few short years it’s been around is truly heartening. It makes me proud to be South African, and super-optimistic about our future.”