OUTvest, a CN&CO client, has partnered with the Good Things Guy to bring good advice stories to the world. Share your good advice with the Good Things Guy using the hashtag #GoodThingsGoodAdvice and stand the chance to win R10 000 in an OUTvest account!

The Good Things Guy is a concept that was started by Brent Lindeque in 2015 and earlier this week it was selected as one of the top 25 African lifestyle blogs. Brent describes the GoodThingsGuy as “the home of everything good, and those are the things that really matter!”

The Good Things Guy believes there is good news all around us; we just need to share the stories. So share your  good advice and your could win R10 000 in an OUTvest account, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Share your good advice with the Good Things Guy on Twitter and/or Facebook using the hashtag #GoodThingsGoodAdvice
  2. Download the OUTvest app and register a new OUTvest account, or do this on the web.

You can share any good advice you have ever given, received, read or heard!

Follow these two steps and you are entered into the draw to win R10 000 in an OUTvest account.

Good advice can make the world a better place, so share yours with the Good Things Guy and let’s all play a role in making the world a more positive place. It’s fantastic to see OUTvest, a leading robo-advisor, teaming up with the Good Things Guy to share the importance of good advice.