Our favourite investment platform EasyEquities has announced that it will be a sponsor of the 2022 Woordfees Festival. This year’s festival, headline sponsored by Toyota and the University of Stellenbosch, kicks off on DStv and Namibia’s GOtv on 15 – 28 July, followed by an in-person event from 10 – 16 October in Stellenbosch.

Since it first launched as an all-night party for Afrikaans literature and poetry in 2000, Woordfees has grown into one of South Africa’s foremost arts festivals, incorporating books and writers, drama, contemporary music, classical music, dance, stand-up comedy, a lifestyle programme, a discussion series and a visual arts programme.

“Art has always played a vital role in society,” says EasyEquities chief marketing officer, Carel Nolte. “It gets us thinking and sparks conversations. It brings us together and keeps us entertained. It transcends social barriers and, importantly, earns a living for the people who create it.”

EasyEquities’ sponsorship will focus on books and writers.

“Through our involvement in the books and writers component of the festival, we will be celebrating the diverse and amazing South African authors of the past and the present, ranging from Nobel laureates to young writers just starting their careers.

“Books and writing are key components of the arts and we are delighted to be able to make a contribution to their posterity,” says Nolte.

The theme for Woordfees 2022 is Wild – a playful concept that festival director, Saartjie Botha, says has her bubbling over with enthusiasm.

“You go wild,” she says, “when you no longer have anything left to lose or hide; when you want to tear away from fear and reservation. Sometimes it is precisely what is needed to inject new courage and breath into life and give it new meaning.

“Wild is authentic and essential for the kind of art that challenges everything and opens doors to new perspectives. Nothing is wilder and more liberating than the imagination, and our pent-up creative energies are ready to gush forth after two years of limbo.”

The in-person edition of Woordfees takes plays a few days after the Otter Trail Run, which EasyEquities also sponsors.

“Our sponsorship of both sport and cultural events is in keeping with our commitment to diversity,” says Nolte, “both in our approach to business and investing.”

The Woordfees TV festival will be broadcast on DStv Channel 150, and in Namibia also on GOtv Channel 27, from 15 to 28 July 2022. For more information on Woordfees, visit www.woordfees.co.za. To find out more about EasyEquities go to www.easyequities.co.za and for the Otter Trail go to https://otter.run/